Food and Sanitary Microbiology

Амирова А.К. Жапаркулова Н.И. Лесова Ж.Т. Габдуллина Е.Ж.


"A brief description of the manual: The purpose of the manual ""Sanitary and Food Microbiology"" is acquaintance with a wide range of issues related to microorganisms and the environment on the one hand, and the microflora of food, on the other. Purpose of studying the discipline: to give by students the knowledge of modern methods of food and sanitary microbiology and the definition of quantitative and qualitative composition of microorganisms in the environment and food. The course ""Food and Sanitary Microbiology"" examines the following issues: the objects and purposes of food and sanitary microbiology; sanitary and microbiological study of the environment (air, water and soil); food poisoning and foodborne diseases; microorganisms and food production; important diseases caused by food borne pathogens; indices of food sanitation; indicators of food product quality and safety; HACCP principles. The manual ""Food and Sanitary Microbiology"" is intended for students studying by educational program “Biotechnology”."

Книги Биология. Биотехнология. Химия

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