Turkic contribution to world culture and civilization. Monograph

Булекбаев С.


The monograph includes generalized materials analyzing the works of famous domestic and foreign turkologists on the place and role of the Turks in world history and their contribution to world culture and civilization. These facts and materials have long been inaccessible to the General public due to the Eurocentric and other myths and stereotypes prevailing in traditional European historiography. Based on the works of outstanding historians, anthropologists and turkologists, the monograph criticizes these mythologies and stereotypes, and attempts to generalize and systematize the remarkable achievements of the Turkic peoples from the standpoint of the philosophy of history. The main idea of the monograph is that the Kazakh people, as a part of the Turkic people, historically living on the expanses of the great Steppe, were the initiator and arbiter of the most important historical events that often changed the course of world history. He should be considered one of the heirs of the ancient Turkic people, Turkic history and civilization.

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